This is a question relating to immigration and visas to the US. Please answer my question kindly With no nasty comments. Thank you! ?

My husband‘s brother, wife and 2 girls tried to apply for a visitors visa last year in Mexico to come visit us in the US. Of course, their visa got denied after three questions. The interview was very quick! My brother-in-law said that he didn’t even have time to present anything to prove that they were not going to be a stay risk. My husband is a naturalized citizen and this of course does not work in their favor getting a visa. They have no reason to overstay their visas. They truly want to come visit us. My husband and I are going to take a couple trips with them in the next couple years to very well developed countries and we are hoping that this will show they have good travel history In their passports and they’re returning home promptly once they are finished with a trip. We would like to try again in a couple years for them to go back and try to get their visas. We’re planning on doing a trip next year to Canada and then the following year to Spain or England. Is this something that could help them get a visa? I really don’t know what else to do. Our involvement is so little in this. I told my husband that it may be best for his brother to go by himself and apply for a visa after our trips instead of showing up with the whole family. They have no criminal records. Also my brother-in-law‘s wife is in School to become an RN. We’re trying to do everything we can to show that they are not going to be a stay risk in the United States. Any suggestions?

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