If I'm taking 15 credits - how many hours a week should I work at my job?

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  • Lili
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    1 month ago
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    No more than 15.  15 credits means you're taking 5 classes, and that's a lot. I didn't work more than 10 hours a week when I was taking that many classes.  It's a full-time schedule allowing only for limited work hours.

  • 1 month ago

    As few as possible.  At 15 credits, you are probably taking 5 classes.  That would equate to 5 hours a week "in class," and an additional 30 hours allocated to study for  most students.  That 45 hours -- more than a full time job.  

    Of course, it depends on your ability to get school work done and absorb information as well as both your class and work schedules -- and what your job is.  You need to consider your commute to and from work and or campus from your home, how physically and mentally taxing the work is, and how the work fits with your academic needs. 

    You also have to decide what's essential and a priority.  If getting good grades and mastering content are top priority, then less work would be advised.  If you just want to slide through on you classes and need to earn more money, you can make that concession.

    Honestly, if you going through the time and expense to attend college, you probably want to make it a priority if you can.  If you can't, then look at taking fewer credits so you can have some school work balance.  In addition to work and school, you need time to socialize, relax, eat, sleep and exercise.  Failing to take care of our physical and mental wellbeing isn't wise.

  • DON W
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    1 month ago

    Part of it is how your courses are arranged.  For instance, if you have no courses on Wednesday and Friday, those would be good times to put in hours on your job.  Similarly, if all of your courses are in the evening, then mornings might be good.

    Just remember to leave open the hours you'll need for studying and preparing school papers and the like.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have no idea how much you can handle. Its a trial & error thing. Most could easily work 15 hours. Many 20-25. Some 30-40.

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