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Male, 40 have I left it too late?

I am a bit of a commitment phobic because I have been hurt in the past. I want a relationship but I like the chase but when it comes to getting serious I want to make sure there isn't 'better' out there and I end up finishing with the girl. I want children but not outside of marriage, is 40 a bit too old to start dating with the view for marriage and kids? I am male, i know i am still commitment phobic but hoping the right girl will change my mind? I use online dating as i am too shy to ask a girl out in real life

I don't live in the country i was raised in so it's a different culture where i live now.

I don't want to marry a woman with kids or a divorced.

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    I married a wonderful woman who was divorced and had kids. I am very happy 22 years later. our child together just moved out.  It is not too late for you to be happy, but if you are going to reject wonderful and caring women in a foolish quest for perfection, then you will waste the the opportunity to be happy.

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    1 month ago

    Perhaps at this age you may feel love and comfort in a warm arm of a male 

    Man understand each other better and sex is super hot between 2 males as you are able to explore each other body better and don’t have to be shy

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