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Do you think Shoeless Joe Jackson should be in the HOF?

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    Yes.  Landis took dictatorial power as commissioner, power he shouldn't have had. The seven co-conspirators all admitted that Jackson never attended any of the meetings they had about fixing games.  Jackson held the record for most hits in a World Series, 12, until 1964 and his batting average of .375 was the highest of any player on both teams. He did not make one error in the field. If he was trying to cause his team to lose, he did a horrible job of it.

    Jackson famously could not read or write.  His claim that a statement he signed in 1920 that admitted accepting $5,000 of a promised $20,000 was signed under pressure from the team's lawyer, and that he didn't understand he was being manipulated because he couldn't read the thing, is very believable.  As is his claim that he tried to speak with team owner Comiskey about the plan before and after and Comiskey would not listen. Team owners then viewed players as lowly employees you did not speak with.

    Landis held grudges. Jackson never got a fair hearing.  He and the other seven were all acquitted on criminal charges of fixing games but Landis did not care and all were banned permanently.

    However, he's famous enough for what he did as a ballplayer and values of his baseball cards and what little equipment survives are proof of that.  Putting him in now won't make those things worth much more than they already are.  If he has any surviving family, it would be nice for them, but the time for putting him in was before he died in 1951.

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    Landis took the eexact right moves to save baseball.  You people who poo poo what Jackson did are forgetting history.  baseball probably would have died if he had not done what he did.  there would have been no faith in fair outcomes.  Jackson was associated with that gamblers. He knew what was going on.  he got a proper punishment.

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    He Would Be If Not For The Black Sox Scandal.

  • 4 months ago

    Yes I am aware as to why he isn't and its a shame.

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  • 4 months ago

    yes, and pete rose too, gawd damn it to mother-foikin' heck

  • 4 months ago

    Yes, I do think he should be.

  • David
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    4 months ago

    I'm ambivalent.  He had great ability, but his involvement in the Black Sox cost him even a chance.  That said, he WAS eligible for induction, but the sportswriters failed to vote for him.  Maybe there's a reason for that.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    If he hadn't been banned because of the Black Sox scandal he might have had sufficient numbers to warrant induction.

    As it is, he played just 13 years and did not come close to any of the thresholds that would have guaranteed induction before the MLB became big business and the players became wimps.

    Jackson never won a batting title -- which is amazing considering he hit .350 or better (.408 in 1911) 6 times in his 13 year career -- and he never won an MVP award. He could steal a base but his defense wasn't great.

    I'm afraid that Shoeless Joe might have been destined for the Hall of Very Good.

  • 4 months ago

    Yes, if he were good enough to be voted in. I don’t think being accused of throwing the 1919 World Series should have kept him out. For a guy who was paid to throw the series, he didn’t do a very good job. Almost a .960 OPS, .375 BA. 

    Is he a hall of famer. Maybe. He’s borderline. He’s got great average but no power. 

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