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i need weight help?

i lost about ten pounds in the last three months, i was only eating about six hundered caories a day. I am now eating about 2600 cals a day, I currently weigh 107, am a female 14 and 5'5". Please i am now RAPIDLY gaining weight. I was a large child and over weight, and am afraid i will once again become that way. (i am starting to devlope a bit of a gut and i hate my self) PLEASE I NEED ADVICE!!!!!! I tend to night binge, but limit my calories during the day. HELP!!!!

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    Ask your parents to get you into therapy. Your post suggests you have an eating disorder.  That means you need some help to understand what is driving the severe calorie restriction and bingeing. Bingeing is both a form of self-comfort when you are bored, sad, tired, angry, etc. and a from of self-sabotage and defiance.  

    The normal answer for you would be the following:

    1. Start eating normal amounts of healthy foods early in the day.  If you starve all day, of course you're going to be overly hungry and overeat later.

    2.  Ask your parents to stop purchasing snacks and treats and to help you stop consuming food after dinner.  

    3.  Understand that you are underweight and putting on a good 10 pounds would be very healthy for you, but that you want to do that by eating healthy foods and building muscles as well as adding fat. 

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    The healthy weight range for an adult female your height is 120 - 139 lbs, depending on body frame size, per link #1 You're WELL under that, which means you are underweight (even though you are not an adult). 


    Per link #2 to maintain your current weight, if you aren't active and don't really exercise, you should consume 2245 calories a day, so you're right on target considering you could afford to gain a few pounds, but if you're active at all that'll balance out that difference in calories (2600 vs 2245).


    You want HELP so here it is...cut out the night bingeing. It's all up to you. You control what you put in your mouth. If you eat healthy and plenty of fruits/veggies during the day, you shouldn't be hungry at night and feel the need to binge. 

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    You're actually underweight with a BMI of 17.8. 

    You should strive for around 110 to 115.

    Your "gut" is due to poor nutrition, you're either eating alot of sodium or carbohydrates. Cut these out and you'll have a flat stomach. 

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    Just relax. You're 14. Youth is on your side. Eat as much as you want, but let it be healthy. When you go to college or start going in the dating scene, the time when you/peers start to look at appearence, then you can worry about your looks. Just focus on geting through high school.

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    107 lbs at 5'5" means you are underweight. My mother is barely 5'2" and 119 lbs and her doctor warns her she is underweight. And you are freaking because you are 107? So you want to be what? 10 lbs?

    You want advice advice, so here it is: go see a mental health expert for your eating disorder. Because all I hear is someone who wants other people to advise her on how to destroy herself.

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