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Is it possible I could have appendicitis?

I had an abdominal ultrasound about a year ago because I was having intense abdominal pain. They said I had nothing. It could be GERD causing my symptoms. Neither antacids nor pain medication has worked.

These are my symptoms

- constantly having problems taking a number 2 almost like constipaton, - pain all over my abdomen almost every day upper, middle, or lower, burning or dull - weird dull tight pressure in my lower abdomen on both sides sometimes, most recently on right, almost going toward pelvic region - constant nausea and loss of appetite, - constant diarrhea, it feels like tightness in my stomach or like something squeezing, - trapped gas, - constant, constant burping or passing gas morning and night whether I am eating/drinking water or not eating or drinking.

I do not have ulcers, gastritis, or any type of digestive disorder that I know of. I have had these symptoms for months now. I am otherwise a healthy 27-year-old female. 

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    I realize the going to the hospital thing is  not so good these days. But the only way you are going to find out is to go.

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