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Why are some people like this?

I've been at a healthy BMI for years but at the higher side of the BMI range for my height and weight.

So I used to be 10 stone for years. And family member would always call me fat and bully me over my weight. Then I went down to 9 stone and my weight-loss was kind of noticeable yet that same family member still called me fat even though it was an average weight for my height.

Why are some people like this? Why do they have to police others on how they should look? 

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It's not even about your actual weight.  Like the previous poster said, this person wants you to feel bad around them.  They get something from chipping away at your self confidence.  "Fat" is used as an insult to undermine people.  Let me tell you something, my whole adult life I've weighed around 8 st, sometimes a little over, mostly a little under.  This isn't a brag, it's for context.  I STILL ocassionally get called "fat" as an insult and the weird thing is you can see the cogwheels turning while they do it!  Their eyes are clearly telling their brain that I'm a lamp post but their memory is telling them that "fat" is the WORST THING EVER to call someone - so it must upset me, right?  You can't fix this kind of person.  There's something wrong inside them, oh, and sometimes they dress it up with "concern" just to mess with your head that little bit more.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    This person wants to make you feel bad for some reason. Really bad, because they had to notice your weight loss at 9 stone, yet instead of congratulating you they still insulted you. Unbelievable. All you can do is ignore people like this. I had weight problems when I was young and tried to fix it with bulimia - I was sick of people insulting me about my weight. Yet just about no one remarked on my dramatic weight loss, and the people who had insulted me had nothing to say. Don't even waste your time trying to figure them out, just ignore them and show them their opinion is meaningless to you.

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