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How are Americans coping with the lack of financial support from the government?

I've heard most Americans have only received $1200 from the government since the pandemic hit hard in the US. How is that possible? And how are millions getting by? In many developed countries, government aid programs are providing monthly payments and saving a lot of people during less work or unemployment or risk of losing a business.

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    Numerous people say that they didn't need the $1200 or if married $2400 as they didn't lose their jobs and could work from home.

    Others need more. The feds should help on a need scale not just sending it out to those who are not in need paying their rent and getting food, etc.       

  • 2 months ago

    Here is how Americans are surviving this out-of-work pandemic.  Families are stepping in; churches are stepping up; grocery stores are handing out, mayors are sending food to the elderly  and neighbors are not letting neighbors starve.  This is America.  Our God tells us to take care of those in need.  We open our homes to those who have no where to go.  We feed the hungry.  We clothe the poor.  America is in her greatest hour where the Lord Jesus Christ shines through those who know Him.  My friend, God is my protection and provision.  Right now my government won't agree to help the people because they are selfish and they want their way.  But my God says, that it will always be His way.

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    In some cases, not well. It's even more infuriating to watch both our major political parties playing games with it. 

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