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Do all companies treat entry level employees badly?

For example:

-disregard their opinions

-not really care about them

-give them work that isn't very meaningful 

exclude them from meetings


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    i work as a cook and hell a lot of my own employee's will disregard my opinions. so im just like meh fk you then; good luck with your work imma be here watching you when im done since you didn't want to listen. 

    like my coworker i told her instead of grilling these tiny bits of meat 1 by 1 i mean they are TINY size of a quarter on the grill throw a bunch on and grill it. the steam will easily cook the meat. i cooked my batch in about 20minutes she took 2 hours. 

    just on tuesday too my coworker tells me to shut up he knows what he is doing when he is piping mashed potatoes into the containers. he ended up losing the damn piping tip and he is rushing so it looks so sloppy and also idk why but they are pre loading disposable piping bags with the mashed potatoes and leaving it on the counters so its getting cold. im just looking at them like wtf..? it's easy to load a piping bag and your just wasting plastic/money. 

    this is why every time people don't want to listen to my suggestions or dont care i do the same. i do things my way which seem smarter and if they say something then fk them. OFTEN i catch them copying the way i do things. they think idk wth im doing lol. i've been working in various restaurants as a line cook for years, went to culinary school and double majored. worked in some extremely busy restaurants where you get slammed 8 hours straight non stop. 

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    No, not all companies do.

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    The operative  words here are "Entry  Level."

    Normally,  you are on probation for the first three months, and have the onus of proving yourself capable before wanting to preside at company meetings and volunteer unsolicited opinions.

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    2 months ago

    My last employer didn't treat entry level employees badly. If anything and unfortunately, 

    seems to me that we might've been too nice to them, let them get away with too much.

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