Iphone 11 Pro max or Note 10 plus?

I will be buying in around 1 - 1.5 months. I dont care about OS as i currently own a note 9 and a macbook pro, i just want to know which one is better and which one would you choose? (and why?)

the Note 10 plus is currently $1,090.00 with a much larger display and more modern design. 

and the iphone is $1,250.00 soon to be dropped after the unveil of the iphone 12 (likely around 100 - 200 less)

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    2 months ago

     Apple has some nice integration iPhone features for your Mac which while not earth shattering are nice to have so that may be worth exploring.  I find OSX a bit better designed than android, particularly if you don't do anything that would require something not available in the app store.  iPhone 11's are rocket fast and easy to find repair shops able to fix them.  It also gives you the opportunity to buy an Apple watch if that interests you.  The Note has a better overall basic look, but in practical use I personally don't find the notch on Apple phones to be an issue.  Also having to repurchase apps you may have will also be a hassle if you have some.   You are currently looking at two soon to be legacy models that won't be that much of an upgrade of to your note 9 in everyday use, so be mindful of that.  Attempting to save $100-200 may just stick you with an upgrade that you wonder why you even bothered with after the initial rush of just having something new wears off.    I personally would probably go with  the Note 10 just because I don't think it's worth the hassle of switching platforms.  I say that owning an iPhone and plan to say an owner for the future. 

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    I’m getting the new iPhone. Not right away; I always wait a week or two after the first batch. But then again I have been using iPhones since 2013.

    This is a tough question to answer because I’m not sure what your actual needs or wants are. If you want the larger display get the note 10. But the display is not that much larger, only a quarter inch larger. The iPhone is going to have more raw power though. Camera is comparable between the two.

    You also said you had a Mac. However how old is that Mac? Because if it cannot run the newest OS that it’s not even a factor in this debate. In the off chance that you were going to sync music using iTunes.

    Personally I’d go with the iPhone but I’m biased.

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