Why are American's so obsessed with owning a gun?

Surely arming your 'Public' is a danger?  Don't you trust your Police Force?  Please explain why so many Americans seem obsessed with guns...


PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY AMERICANS feel the need to own a gun, Please can you Explain Why Americans are desperate to keep their gun ownership rights.....

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  • 5 months ago
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    I'm not an American, but from what I understand, it is just their culture. The USA was founded via rebellion. They were rebels who turned against the rule of the British Crown when they felt that the British was too oppressive. They were basically the only one who successfully did so (I might be wrong) as the British often successfully and brutally put down rebel colonies. Most of the other British colonies were granted independence after WWII, not won via blood. So the Americans are quite justifiably proud of their unique heritage.

    Now, many of the Americans who fought for their freedom weren't professional soldiers like the British redcoats. They were ordinary folk who took up guns and ultimately won their independence. Thus it became entrenched in their culture, and ultimately became one of the founding principle of their new nation that every man had the inviolable right to bear arms(guns). They believed that governments, even their newly formed one, will eventually grow to become oppressive and tyrannical if not checked by armed citizens, and it was therefore necessary for citizens to be armed so that they can rise up and overthrow the government like the British if the government overstepped its boundaries.

    That's pretty much the basis of it. There are always criticisms of this culture of course, but coming from a developing country, I kinda see their point. My country for example, is on paper, a democracy. But my government is terribly corrupt and the same ruling class keeps getting themselves elected while profiting greatly from their positions. There is little we citizens can do about it. Guns are 100% illegal for citizens in our country. If things get worse and we ever rise up, it would be pretty one sided affair, since the military and police, which is under the government are pretty much fully equipped with guns while the best we can do is sticks and stones. My government have little to fear from the people.

    There are also other factors to owning a gun in the US, like the need for self-defense, hunting, pest-control, etc, but those are pretty self-explanatory.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Because I need to PROTECT MYSELF!!! Why ELSE???

  • HMFan
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    5 months ago

    Good question. I think a lot of it derives from the whole "Wild West" and "Manifest Destiny” concepts. (Full disclosure: I live in the USA).

    Granted, when the American Founders wrote the Constitution, we were at war with England and there existed a very real threat against which we needed to defend ourselves. King George III was not keen on giving us up that easily, especially when there were so many untapped resources to be had in America (more gold means more crowns, jewelry, and other shiny things, right?) Also, being that we were a fledgling country, we didn’t really have an organized militia per se so the defense of our country depended upon “the common man,” the private citizen who was more likely a farmer or homesteader rather than a career military man.

    Once we finally gained our freedom from England, the task of “taming the land” became our focus. Since no one made a provision in the Constitution that stated something along the lines of “once a clearly defined threat that exists against America’s sovereignty has been vanquished, the rights of gun ownership will be reverted to the respective bodies of the military,” the Second Amendment (aka the right to bear arms clause) remained in force.

    Well... somewhere along the way in the midst of westward expansion, the nature of gun ownership changed. While they were certainly advantageous to protect one’s self against the occasional marauding bear, they also came in handy against fellow citizens who might try to pilfer some of your livestock, or as a way of leveraging quick compliance when relieving a stagecoach of all its valuables. It is at this point, when guns were seen as the wholesale viable means of protecting one’s self against fellow citizens rather than an invading force, where I believe our modern sensibility of our “right to bear arms” movement had its inception.

    On top of that, the whole culture of Man Conquering the West with a Gun gave rise to a compelling mythology of Progress, Determination, and the Sheer Will of the Adventurous Spirit that inextricably bound firearms to the birth and advancement of The United States. There was a certain national pride in “grabbing the wilderness by the horns” and bending it to Mankind’s will, and the gun was seen as a vital part of our history.

    I’m not saying that Americans didn’t use guns against other Americans prior to this, but at some point there was a shift in the thinking of the American public when it came to guns, their purpose, their usage, and their connection to The American Culture.

    I hope this helps. I personally don’t understand why so many of my fellow Americans are obsessed with guns, either.

  • Lili
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    5 months ago

    The country was founded in the context of a revolt against colonial overseers who, among other things, tried to deprive the colonists of their arms. That is the reason for the Second Amendment, which has become virtually sacred in the eyes of many people.  The fear (among some people) is that one day, it might be necessary for ordinary citizens to rush to the country's defense or even to defend themselves against a tyrannical government, a despotism, and that therefore they must own arms.

    Guns are also associated with myths concerning the country's expansion and development, its pioneer history, and those myths resonate very strongly in American patriotism.

    Finally, this country exalts individualism over collective/communitarian welfare, and guns are part and parcel of that social philosophy. The notion of the individual going his own way, being able to make his own decisions for himself and his personal welfare, is intertwined with the American self-image. Guns -- choosing to own them, being ABLE to own them -- cannot be separated from that self-image.

    That said, not every American owns guns. I know how to use one, my grandfather taught his children and all of his grandchildren how to do so, but not a single one of us owns a gun.  None of my friends or colleagues owns one either.

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  • 5 months ago

    I'm not American.  I think it's because it represents self-sufficiency to them.  For instance, it means they can defend themselves effectively, look after their own property and hunt for animals for food.  The right to keep and bear arms was inherited from the English, who instituted it so that Protestants could defend themselves against a possible Roman Catholic insurrection.  In the nascent US this became the right of the US to defend themselves against the British Army.

  • 6 months ago

    Americans aren't pushovers and simply don't want to be treated like children by "daddy government".

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Did you miss all those riots we just had?

    We're not obsessed with it, it just makes sense to have one.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Americans are not educated like Europeans.

  • 6 months ago

    Clearly people don't trust the police if groups like BLM and ANTIFA are calling to defund them. Luckily, not all of America is filled with stupid people like them. Owning a gun is protected by our 2nd amendment. Usually the people in this country that support full on gun control laws typically are part of these groups or defend them. They want the real American people to be defenseless. 

  • Seff
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    6 months ago

    u are obsessed with americans on a dead site.

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