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So I have this Taurus guy everything was great until we had sex . I dont know if it’s the sex or he’s confuse?

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  • Dimple
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    2 months ago

    Ok. Someone is going to candycoat their answer but I’m here to tell you the truth.  

    I don’t care if he’s Taurus or Scorpio or Cancer or penguin.  

    The bastard slept with you because he knew he could.  He was probably straight up with you.   He only wanted to fool around.  But your fairy tale imagination probably thought ohhh if he sleeps with me we may fall in love type of bs. 

    No my dear.  He’s not confused.   He’s not in love.  He’s not ready to settle down.  He wanted ******** and he got it.  What’s the point now?

    The point is.  If he doesn’t stick around.  He’s not worth crying over or thinking about.  

    Sons of bushes need a reality check. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Everyone has all 12 zodiac signs in their birthchart ... active and influencing the person to varying extents, and in different areas of their life. And if they have one of their 10 "planets" (including Sun and Moon) in a Sign, then that need/planet operates in the style of that Sign and to some degree an important influence on their behavior.

    Yes the birthchart affects people, but it doesn't control them. All you see from the 40-50 interacting factors in someone's unique birthchart is how they will likely be IF they do nothing to change or grow. Sort of like a default in a program where you can change the default settings.Astrology is therefore useful in presenting a complex set of SPECIFIC internal interactions for you to consider (it would take 35 or more pages to write out a birthchart) ... to look inside and observe yourself to see IF you are responding to those influences. As such, it can be an excellent starting point for self-discovery.

  • 2 months ago

    I do bc a person sign can tell a lot about a person 

    Source(s): But a person sign can tell a lot about a person
  • 2 months ago

    who cares if hes a Taurus? 

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