What does it mean when they said my HTC phone is not original bcuz the IMEI and Serial number can't be validated on their system?


I have been having issues with software updates but i found out recently that they don't run up to date Android on their devices anymore and it is giving HTC users problems. I can't install an up to date Software update, it will download but it wouldn't install. They are still using Android version 8.0.0 while other brands are using 10 and 11 beta.

I should have done my research before i purchased this HTC U12+. I was trying to get help directly from HTC but they said my IMEI and Serial no. is not recognised on their system. What do i do? My device is not fake, i bought it brand new from Amazon shipped from Taiwan, the country that owns the brand. I bought one in 2018 same model U12+ directly from HTC and it is no different from the leftover stock ones from Amazon.

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