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Are you considered half Pisces and half Aquarius if you were born on Feb 18th?

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  • Janet
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    2 months ago


    When you ask about your “Sign”, you are actually asking what Sign SUN appeared to be moving through when you were born.

    Astrologers use all 10 “planets” and all 12 “Signs”. Your Sun Sign is the ONLY one that can be found using ONLY the month-day of birth, and requires no computer program or extensive calculations. So Sun-sign astrology is just a gimmick to make money.

    Nonetheless …. Some years Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces SOMETIME during February 18th, and other years it makes this change SOMETIME during February 19th.

    So, without knowing your birth year, and the EXACT minute-hour you were born, and the longitude-latitude of your birthplace, there is no way we can tell you if your Sun was in Aquarius or Pisces.

    Go to any website that does free birthcharts, and enter your full date of birth, the EXACT time you were born, and the birthplace.

    I recommend either alabe.com or café astrology.com.

    It is useless to use only your Sun sign, since that is just 2% of your entire birthchart, and no two people have identical charts.

    And you cannot get any accurate predictions from Sun Signs, nor can you do accurate compatibility assessments (since Signs are not used for this).

    The concept of “cusps” is just a gimmick to try to make up for that uncertainty.

    And it doesn’t matter, because you have 9 OTHER planets in various Signs.

    You have a 33% chance of having Mercury in whatever Sign your Sun is NOT in. If you have Sun in Pisces, Mercury could be in Aquarius, Pisces or Aries.

    You have a 25% chance of having Venus in Pisces or Aquarius.

    And a roughly-8% chance that ANY of the OTHER 7 planets of yours could be in Pisces of Aquarius.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Bad enough to be stereotyped by one sign, why want two?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Let's start with what people are saying when they say, "I'm a Pisces," or "I'm a Leo," etc.  It means the Sun was in that sign of the Tropical Zodiac at the instant they were born.  The dates in the magazines and horoscope columns are approximations.  Also Pisces, the year following a leap year puts the Sun in Pisces earlier than usual and there are the time zone differences.  For example, I have the chart of a man born in 1949 (1948 was a leap year) on Feb 18 later in the day on the US East Coast, who has the Sun in Pisces.  If he was born a few hours earlier, he would have had the Sun in Aquarius. 

    If you were born on Feb 18 in the US, in most years the Sun is in Aquarius the whole day.  But if you were born the year following the leap year (leap year actually begins and ends in February) on Feb 18, it is possible that you are "A Pisces." Birth time and location will make it possible for an astrologer to tell you which it is.

    Historical note:  Before the 1930s, no one said things like "I'm a Taurus you're a Libra."  Sun sign astrology did not exist. 

  • geezer
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    2 months ago

    February 18th is Aquarius.

    Aquarius changes to Pisces on 19th>20th February.

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