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$300 , 1080p TV vs $300 4K TV do they look exactly the same ?

I say yes I can't see it tell the difference but my girlfriend says she can see the difference because it is 4k over 1080p. I wanted to buy a $1000 TV but to save from an argument I am not doing it now.  Even though I think to benefit from 4k TV more money needs to be spent which if it were the 4k TV would blow the 1080p away.

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      While some 4k tv's do a better job at displaying 1080p the human eye has trouble telling the difference between 4k and a good 1080p picture in TV's less than 65 inches.    As such 4k is a huge difference in the bigger 70-80 inch tv's but not much in the smaller tv's.  So to answer your question it depends on the size and even the distance you typically sit from your TV.  

    There are a lot of other attributes that make a significant difference such as OLED and and QLED with dynamic back lighting, but you won't find a 1080p tv with those high end features anyway. These features may not matter to some, but TV's that don't have them will look washed out in comparison. 

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