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What can a girl do to get her dad to stop snooping in her room?

Say a man has a very mature daughter. Now he has gotten the godawfull idea of snooping through her room. She has something to hide. Nothing illegal, but something she really want to keep a secret because it does not concern him. If he continue like this, he will likely find it sooner or later, and she will be grounded because he won't like it. Again, I must express it is nothing ilegal, just something her dad would dislike.


I can't move out until I'm 18. But I am still very mature.

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  • 1 month ago

    Can you share with your mother whatever you are trying to hide?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What are you trying to hide, pal? Are you having sex with someone you shouldn't be? Are you using drugs? Are you sexting? Have you met some stranger who's three times your age in a chat room somewhere, and you don't want your dad to find out now, because he will quite likely hit the roof,, and rightly so?

    Are you gay or do you think you might be? These are all questions that come to mind anytime anyone your age comes on here and implies that he or she is trying to hide something from a parent. And resorting to sneaky behavior and trying to hide things is NOT, I repeat is NOT a sign of MATURITY !! It's just the OPPOSITE, in fact. Because if you were really as mature as you claim, you would have NO NEED to hide ANYTHING from ANYONE, least of all from your dad.

    Your dad wants to go through your room because he obviously suspects that something is wrong with you. And from the sound of it, he's RIGHT. As long as you live in his house, you need to abide by HIS RULES and not YOUR OWN. When you're 18 and able to live on your own, then you can decide what you want to keep private. Until then, anything is fair game.

  • April
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    1 month ago

    It's natural for your parents to be concerned about you if they think something is up. If they feel you're not being honest about sex/dating, they'll work their own way into your life. 

    Parents don't feel like raising a pregnant teenager. 

  • edward
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    1 month ago

    You have a naked boy in your bedroom?  My parents were either very good at snooping or didn’t do it.  I don’t think you can hide anything from your parents

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  • 1 month ago

    You shouldn't. Hiding from your parents is a sign of bad personality. There is something wrong with you that you are very secretive.

  • 2 months ago

    It really depends on what it is, if it's something like a porn tape and she's under the age of 18 or a razor blade, that's a good reason for him to go through her things. Otherwise it shows a lack of trust but it's his house so he can legally do it.

  • 2 months ago

    leave soiled panties scattered about

  • helene
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    2 months ago

    Get rid of "the item" and there'll be nothing to find.

  • 2 months ago

    A very mature daughter is an adult.

    If she doesn't like the homeowner looking through her things, she moves out.

  • 2 months ago

    Lol nothing you can do maybe just accept he will find whatever it is and just come clean

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