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Does my little brother have a crush on my best friend?

Okay, so my best friend likes to pick on my little 16 year old brother. (We are 18) 

He’s a jerk so she plays pranks on him and teases him and stuff, and he doesn’t usually prank her back but he gets me later!!

We go to all his football games and last game he scored a touchdown and my friend got so excited and he ran over and high-fived her all happily and then went to COMPLETELY IGNORE ME when I was trying to congratulate him?? I mean??A few months ago when she was over, he came downstairs to lift weights right next to the tv and then my best friend was all “please.” and then started making him lift more as a joke since he was being a show off.Then last time she came over, he asked that we went downstairs so he could make a snack?? Like what a weirdo! What does that mean? Does he hate her or is he scared of her or does he like her? I seriously can’t tell.Okay and so then I asked him if he liked her and he was all “whatever shut up” and then rolled his eyes and walked away? Hormonal little weirdo! What do you think? Is he crushing on my best friend?  

For the record he’s a football player so apparently all the girls think he is hot and my best friend is a power lifter and boxer, and she’s also super muscular and really pretty.

I think I know the answer but gosh I wish I didn’t. 

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