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tips on the talking stage?

i know that i like them more than they like me rn bc i was the one to suggest talking and they told me their “heart wants to be w me but their mind is conflicted” (because we are exes and he has been hurt before when we didn’t rlly work out back then). because i like him more he sometimes ends up leaving me on read bc he is busy doing something else and rn it feels like i’m putting in more effort. should i keep initiating convos or am i being too needy? also keep in mind that it’s only been 5 days loool im just super nervous he’ll have second thoughts ):

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  • Teal
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    2 months ago

    Tell him that you need space to move on if he isn't interested in getting back together, so until he is ready to commit you will be cutting ties. Ignore any excuses, accusations, or claims he will commit later. If he isn't ready to get back together right now, then you have nothing talk about. This is really the only shot you have at changing his mind. Why should he take you seriously if he knows you will always be available to him? He may as well keep his options open. Best case he realizes he doesn't want to lose you and gets his act together, worst case you don't hear from him again and can move on for real. You have nothing to lose.

  • Helen
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    2 months ago

    Exes are exes for a reason.

    You're worried he'll have second thoughts? If "his mind is conflicted" he's already having second thoughts.

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