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Endoscopy and Colonoscopy help?

My son recently got an endoscopy and they found redness on the lower third of the esphagus and they also found redness on his duodenal bulb.

They said the stomach looked normal to them. They also found patchy redness in the distal signmoid colon. Any ideas what is causing this redness? They have already ruled out celiac disease, gastroperesis and H Pylori and all of his blood work has been normal besides a slightly elevated bilirubin. He has been expeierencing nausea after eating and some chest discomfort. Does the chest pain make sense since there is redness? He had an EKG and everything came back normal. 

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    You should be talking with your doctors about this. I doubt there is anyone here on Y/A who is an expert on the subject. Even if there were an expert they would not opine on a patient they have not examined .

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