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Is it rude to not like my one side of my family?

Long story short I never really see my mom's side of the family often at most twice a year if any times. And when I do see them I feel really uncomfortable because sometimes I might even meet someone for the first time, keep in mind I am not 18. Also the people I have meet I either think are very awkward people or I have nothing in common with. I found myself to be very bored when I am around them and cannot wait to go home. Sometimes when I know that we are going to see them I try and schedule something else during those times or tell my parents I don't want to go. All I'm wondering is, is it rude to think this way or do other people have the same view point as me with their family?

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  • 4 months ago

    Feelings and opinions aren't rude.  They just are what they are.  How you behave can be rude or polite. 

    Many teenager don't enjoy family gatherings will distant relative with whom they have noting in common.  

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