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what did the Nazis think about the people of "Belorus" or "White Russia"? did they consider them "Aryan"?

White Russians are Slavic mostly or are they Nordic? or why they would not be Nordic like Lithuania , Latvians and Estonians and Scandinavians are? what about Poles?

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    Belarus... Aryan?   nyet, hardly comrade

    "Untermenschen" all the way, Slavs... subhuman.  

    "Germany imposed a brutal regime, deporting some 380,000 people for slave labour, and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians more. The population was to be exterminated for German colonization. At least 5,295 Belarusian settlements were destroyed by the Nazis and some or all their inhabitants killed (out of 9,200 settlements that were burned or otherwise destroyed in Belarus"

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    That depended on the phenotype.

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    White Russians were the pro Czarist faction after the 1917 revolution and did not exist in 1933.

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    Yes. Many Belarusians, Lithuanians and Ukrainians supported the Nazis, and some groups like the Cossacks were given the status of honorary Aryans

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    as the Germans moved through  the USSR many countries saw the Nazis as Liberators but Hitler ordered them Murdered because they were classified as Slavic

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    Belarus was not a separate independent nation immediately prior to or during the Second World War. At that time it was one of the constituent republics of the USSR, and as such the Nazis would have regarded the people as sub-human Slavs and in no way "aryan". Poles where also seen as a lesser people by the Nazis.

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    No, they were Slavs, and as such, "Untermenschen". So were the Poles. That's why Belorussia, Poland and the Ukraine suffered so many atrocities on their territory, and Russia too though they didn't manage to over-run much of it.

    The word "white" (the "Belo" part of "Belorussia") has many postulated origins but had nothing to do with their skin colour, though they are of course white. 

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