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3,000 tonnes of high-density ammonium nitrate was stored in Beirut but there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

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    At the time a WMD meant a nuclear,  chemical or biological weapon,  not simply a big bomb.   So using the definition of the time,   there were no WMDs in Iraq.   

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    WMD's  were found in Iraq.   We knew they had them, because  it was Ronald Reagan himself who SOLD them to him, during the Iraq-Iran war, so  Saddam, would use them against our enemy at that time........IRAN. 

    But what was NOT found, were the KINDS of   "ready to launch in 15 minutes" kinds of Weapons that Bush swore to God they had........and never found. 

    what we found, were chemical weapon dumps of ancient stockpiles , that WE sold them,   a decade or two  before.  Or bought from France or Germany or other allied arms suppliers. 

    The two missles fired into the USS Stark  was EXOCET missles. ....purchased from guess who? 

    so yeah, of course he had dangerous weapons............of course we knew that, since we still had the receipts when we sold them to him. 

    What  Saddam didn't have........was "Mobile Chemical Weapons Labs"......producing anthrax........ because that was all a crock of made up Bullsh*t.......and the anthrax actually came from a disgruntled US Military wepaons  Lab scientist.....who blew his brains out,  as the FBI moved in on him. 

    What no one *ever* asked.......was why the hell were  WE making  Anthrax,  for this clown to steal.....if it's suppose to be illegal? 

    and how the hell did he smuggle deadly  ANTHRAX  out of a top secret secure Military lab? 

    Did he just carry it out in his lunch box? 

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    1 month ago


    it needs 2 other mediums to convert to a WMD

    I am an Explosives Ordnance Engineer

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    1 month ago

    Your point?

    Ammonium nitrate is somewhat cheap, but as a weapon, it is rather poor explosive. Those 2750 ton had a blasting effect of about 1000 ton of TNT. Numerically large, but if you want to make weapons, you pick something more effective as blasting agent.

    And there were no weapons of mass destruction like the one claimed to be there and used to justify invading Iraq. If there had been, you would have been sure the Bush administration would have used it as after-the-fact justification.

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    1 month ago

    WMDs were found in Iraq it didn't fit the Narrative so The Media buried the story!

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