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Why does the Democrat party hate White men so much?


Prince - I'm pretty sure Jesus would not support abortion (murder), infidelity (single motherhood celebrated by the left), and hatred towards others based on their gender and skin color.

Update 2:

Anonymous - Yes, White men traveled and conquered the world, as did every other group of human beings on the planet. It just so happens that White men were better at then everybody else. White men also decided that this sort of conquering was inevitably unfruitful in the long term for all of humanity, for which they then abolished slavery throughout the west, and even bought Jewish slave ships to end the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It's odd that you don't mention any of this.

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    It's propaganda that Democrats hate White men. 

    It's not hateful to say that white men can only fail up. For as long as history men, culturally in most country, men were placed above women. Even in some religions. Then when you bring race into it the white race has colonized and dominated in many countries. Time-traveling for a white man is no problem. Black people and women should not time-travel backward in time. To show to that there is a huge difference for what a white man experiences and is unaware of.

    That is world history. Remnants of those beliefs have been handed down from generation to generation and still exist. Versions of sexism & racism that is covert is what many Liberals want to fight.

    It's not to say that you are racist or sexist. You need to understand there's are groups that share the tent with Republicans and even Democrats where sexism & racism is rampant. That doesn't mean hatred for White men. Leveling the playing field to bridge the gap between a group of people who historically were not able to vote and white men is not hate. White men have a huge advantage. 

    Unless you are not a white male you might not see the difference. As a women, when I walk down a street along men have come up to me and said "I'd love to lick your pvssy." That's just one of many lewd behaviors I have to deal with that men don't. Even at work, our highest, ranking manager who is a woman is not allowed to shut down the studio, when we stay overtime. All she needs to do is pop in the code, turn off lights and lock our one door.  If there are no men around in managerial positions the owners have gone up to freelancers who are men to shut down the studio. To this day I'm still witnessing and experiencing that to some people, women are not regarded as an authority.

    As for race, there's definitely nepotism in race. I hung out with a guy my friend was dating in his 40s, who's a bagel shop owner and he uses the n word. Calls black people lazy. I know a lot of people who use the n word. 

    I'm an Asian woman. I even have a disadvantage when I shop. I've been to high-end mack up counters to shop for gift and not be served. Even some beauty people from sephora and Mac Cosmetics are known to say racist things about Asians, that they are too cheap to buy those products. I've had people say stuff to me because I'm Asian.

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    (fast forward to 6:13)

    A few blocks from my sister's apartment, an asian grandma had acid poured all over her because of the hatred from the coronavirus. A man hid waiting for her to come out and poured acid all over her when she was throwing away garbage.

    You are lucky enough not to experience this. I'm sure there are a small minority of people who do have white resentment. I know White people face discrimination as well. But in comparison to the rest of the minorities, it's way less. A black person in Asia, I've seen club bouncers not let them in. White people in Asia get better job opportunities because an Asian company will think having White people will elevate their image. White people overseas are viewed as wealthy.

    The idea of a man or being white. The image of being a white male is globally favorable. If you can understand that being a white man in this country is like being Brad Pitt compared to the other races. You may be working your butt off but opportunities come easier to you because of the way you look. Brad Pitt has said he realized that he got a lot of roles easily because of the way he looked white actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow have to be pitted against numerous other women. Paltrow was even sexually harassed. Brad hasn't dealt with being sexually harassed himself.

    If you think about it logically. People who are good looking also get a huge advantage in getting jobs. It's the image. The image associated with minorities & images associated with white people. White people historically have been favored. We want equality. Wanting equality isn't hatred. Certain people just stigmatize different races. Especially the stories in Hollywood perpetuated it because more directors & writers are white men. We've always lived in a white man's world when our goal is to live in a diverse world.

    The things POC & women experiences regularly, a white man can only be told if anyone decides to tell them. Degrading experiences happen so frequently to everyone else, we forget about it or find a way to normalize it. A White man will never experience all the ways we've been degraded. First time I was called CHiiiiink I was 5. I'm Asian, I have it good. I'm aware the darker & browner a person is, the worse they have it. My white friends have told me that they don't understand the significance of name-calling. That's why some of them don't understand the racial slur aspect. None of them have told me that they have been treated as less than because they are white. All of my friends of different minorities understand what it feels like to be treated as someone who is less than. Anything that's come close to what my white friends have had to say was ideology. It's White Republican people feel it. But only White-Republican because of their ideologies. I know very good people who are Republican. I've also have heard disgusting ideology. It's the ideology that can be hated. What is hated is white supremacy, white power and white dominance. 

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    Great question!  Since 99%, of Democrats are white, then I guess they hate themselves.

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    You creeps are still all over the board. Any DECENT White man IS a Democrat AND a Liberal. Caring about other people is both Liberal and Christian.

    Source(s): Jesus: "The Good Samaritan"
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    Most white men still support the founding ideas of America.  For liberals to eliminate these ideas and build their new socialist wonderland the founders and the Americans that support them must be discredited and or eliminated.

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    Your question is as dumb as it is inaccurate! There are more registered white democrats than there are black! Look it up!

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    Gotta love how liberals keep referring back to Biden even if Biden has made a career out of discriminating against his own sex and gender. lol

    Anyway, democrats see political advantage out of discriminating against men and hating white men. It simply gets them votes due to the fact that a large percentage of their base is racist minorities and sexist women that want power. 

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    They don’t. Go to bed and stop being so naughty. 

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    Yeah, they must hate white men so much. That they chose a white men to lead the general election. 😒

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    To hate people because they are white and/or male requires you to first be sexist and racist enough to judge people based on their sex and color of skin.

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