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I have $19,000 in a mutual fund. Should I sell some of it?

Is $19,000 too much to have in a mutual fund? It is a great fund that does well. i have no problems with the fund. I have an additional $6,000 in general stocks. I was thinking maybe I should sell some of the mutual fund shares and buy more indivdiual stocks. But that was just a thought. Nothing made me think of it other than for example I have some good stocks but not many shares and thought I would use some of the mutual fund money to buy more shares. For example i have microsoft shares but only 4 shares.

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    No.  In some cases, it might be too much to have in just ONE fund, and you should sell some to buy other mutual funds.  However, if the only alternative you'd consider is more individual stocks, then I don't see a reason to sell.

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    Generically, I don't think there is a situation where anyone can have "too much" money in a mutual fund.

    - you might have money in a mutual fund that's is better invested a different way.

    The first question to ask is 1. do you want to maintain your portfolio or someone else to do that?If someone gave me MSFT, I would take it.  If I was to buy a stock right now, it wouldn't be in the top 300. 

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    Assuming it is a broad based mutual fund $19,000 is certainly NOT too much, It is a great way to get diversity without spending a lot of time doing research.

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    Not a big fan of mutual fund. The returns are bad and there are things inside the portfolio I would never buy. 

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    Leave it where it is.   You'll have to pay capital gains tax to sell it.

    Use new money from your paychecks to buy additional shares of stock.

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