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Incomplete downloads in Any Video Converter?

Where do the incomplete downloads go? They’re taking up space and I’m trying to delete them. 

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    5 months ago
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    In Windows PCs, freeware Windirstat and/or Treesize Free helps you to see what is taking up storage. 



    Windirstat has better visuals, Treesize has more functionality after running it.

    I do not know if they work on other operating systems.

    If the partial files are not in a download folder, they could be in an installation folder of the software. You would dig down using Windows Explorer to find the main folder of Any Video Converter.

    If finding space hog files, know what they are before erasing them.

  • 5 months ago

    Whenever you encounter an incomplete/broken download, you would have to head back to the folder where the download files are stored. And, you need to find a file with an extension . CRDOWNLOAD (That's a chrome download file). It would normally start with the same name as you downloaded.

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