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What legal action can you take or recourse do you have if a mechanic gets over on you?

A person told me that they paid over $700 to a mechanic and the issue still isn’t fixed and apparently the mechanics couldn’t even provide proof that $700 worth of work was even necessary. What can a person who doesn’t know much about cars do in situations dealing with mechanics to make sure that they aren’t being ripped off?

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  • k w
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    2 months ago

    just tell them to give you what you paid for, and why did you pay for something you never got ? people will take advantage of some customers who don't defend themselves.....

  • 2 months ago

    That’s why you take the car to multiple mechanics and see if they all say it has the same problem. If they all say it’s the same problem then you go with the cheapest one. 

    You can report it to the better business bureau but there’s nothing you can do legally unless you can prove that the mechanic didn’t do as he says, which would require you to see another mechanic. 

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