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Who assassinated John F. Kennedy?

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    Lee Harvey Oswald, the evidence is overwhelming. 

    First off, one bit of advice is that you shouldn't pay attention to a lot of chatter about the Kennedy assassination conspiracies.  There's a ton of misinformation out there, and some conspiracy theorists will straight up lie to you because it's in their financial interests to maintain that there was a conspiracy. 

    We know it's Oswald for a numbers of reasons.  First off, we know that the shots came from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.  Modern ballistics reconstruction of the wounds on Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally (who was non fatally shot in the incident) shows that the shots came from an area centered on the sixth floor window where police would later find the gun.  We also have witness testimony.  Conspiracy theorists make a lot of a few people who thoguht that the gunshots came from some other area, but the plurality of witnesses in Dealy Plaza said that they came from the Depository.  More definitively we had a group of TSBD employees who had gathered on the fifth floor to watch the motorcade.  They were immediately beneath the 'snipers nest' and heard the shots being fired above them.  While no witnesses came forward who saw the shots being taken, there were IIRC two eyewitnesses who saw a man standing in the window before the assassination.  They description they gave of him match Oswald.  Another witness claimed to have seen the gun being pulled back into the window after the shooting.  So we've established that the shots came from the sixth window.  Because of "ear witness" testimony that the shots had come from the building the police closed off the building quickly and searched the sixth floor.  There they found a manlicher carcano rifle and three spent shell casings by the window.  They were all hidden behind a wall of boxes which had been stacked so as to provide someone at the window with privacy from anyone else who might have been on the floor.  Oswald's fingerprints were on the rifle and the boxes.  The last place Oswald was seen before the assassination was on the sixth floor.  No one saw him anywhere else until after the assassination.  Conspiracy theorists sometimes point to an incident shortly after the shooting where Oswald was seen in a break room on another floor by a coworker and a police officer.  They contend that Oswald couldn't have made it there in the time available after the assassination, or at least not without being out of breath (which he wasn't).  But subsequent recreations have shown the Oswald could easily have gotten there at a moderately fast walk in the time available.  Within a few minutes of the assassination, the police had the TSBD locked down, but Oswald had already made his escape.  He would later claim that he had left because he assumed that work would be canceled after the assassination.  But he was the only TSBD employee to leave work and the fact that he left abruptly, within just a few minutes and without stopping to confirm that work was canceled or kibitz with any fellow employees about this major event that had just happens suggests that he wasn't just innocently leaving but wanted to get away.  On his way home, Oswald was stopped by DPD officer JD Tippett.  Tippett talked to Oswald for "20 or 30 seconds" from inside his patrol car.  When Tippett got out of the car Oswald drew a revolver and shot him. This was seen by multiple witnesses so there's absolutely no doubt that Oswald killed Tippett.  In fact, after shooting Tippett he began to walk away but then returned and shot Tippett in the head to make sure he was dead.  While this action doesn't directly prove that Oswald killed Kennedy it does show that he was conscious of his being guilty.  Innocent people don't shoot police officers.  When the cops came to arrest Oswald at a movie theater for Tippett's murder he also tried to shoot the arresting cops (one of the cops managed to grab the gun, preventing it from firing).  When Oswald was arrested they found two photo IDs on him.  Both had his picture but while one was in his name the other was in the name of an "Alec Hiddell".  Oswald couldn't explain why he had that ID.  The police were later able to determine that the rifle which killed Kennedy had been ordered through the mail to a Post Office Box rented by an "A. Hiddell".  Furthermore, we have a picture of Oswald holding the rifle and the revolver which he used to kill Officer Tippett.  His wife, Marina Oswald, testified that she took the photo and that she had seen him with the rifle on numerous occasions.  (Conspiracy theorists sometimes express skepticism that Oswald would allow a picture of himself to be taken with two murder weapons and that he would order a traceable gun through the mail rather than buying one over the counter.  But when he had the picture taken he did not yet know about Kennedy's visit to Dallas so wasn't planning an assassination). Furthermore, the morning of the assassination, Oswald had gotten a ride in to work from a coworker.  The coworker noticed that Oswald had a long thin package wrapped in paper.   Oswald claimed that the package, which was long enough to contain the rifle, was a set of "curtain rods" for his room.  The paper wrapping of the package was found on the sixth floor of the depository but no curtain rods were ever found. 

    So the evidence against Oswald is pretty damning: we know that he owned the murder weapon, we can be pretty sure he brought it into work that morning, his fingerprints were all over the location where the shots came from, a man matching his general description was seen in the window just before the assassination, coworkers saw him on the sixth floor immediately before the assassination and not anywhere else until after it, and he demonstrated consciousness of guilt by fleeing the scene and murdering a police officer who tried to talk to him. 

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    The letter agencies (CIA).

    Kennedy was a wild man, he was a sexual predator much like Clinton.

    Kennedy put 2000 missiles along the USSR boarder, then had a tantrum when Cuba had 12.

    Kennedy planed the Bay of Pigs, then his racism prevented the U.S. from completing the agreement.

    The Kennedy family was a threat to U.S. policy, he could not be Impeached because of his popularity, Other means were needed. Including the removal of his Brother from the DOJ.

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    America its a nut house they murder the decent ones so the crooks like Trump succeed look at its history of murdering like the Jews prefered Barabas the thief to Jesus 

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    Lee Harvey Oswald, who is pictured being murdered by Jack Ruby.

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