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Has anyone ever tried to be the best in everything?

Like... if I start to study a lot of different fields such as programming, cooking, business, music, etc, can I master them at some point or will my brain not be able to handle too much?! And what are the benefits of doing so? Plus who is an example of someone who's done so many different things successful in their life?

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  • You can become very good at a LOT of things if you care enough. Maybe not all at once, but over time you can teach yourself to become well-versed in a lot of things. 

    Stay humble, though: don't expect to reach the same level as someone that's spent their whole lives focusing on mastering their field. While you can become really good at something and may even have a natural talent for some other things, it's a whole different thing when you dedicate the majority of your time towards certain passions rather than a bunch of different ones. Improvement comes with time and mastery takes a lot longer (if it ever happens). So while you can become good at a lot of things, you likely won't have enough time in life to master all of them.

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    No. . But I vow to do the best I Can when I study for a test--whether it's a Ham upgrade or in my A & P class. Why settle for a B?

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