Does She Like Me?

How to tell if a girl i work with likes me or is she just going friends. We have known eachother for over a year and lately have become good friends of course ive now started developing strong feelings for her and I'm pretty obvious that I fancy her I can tell she knows. I say nice things to her like when shes done her hair i tell she looks nice which she always smiles at we have lunch breaks together. I've gone up to her to hand some work over and called her darling which she replied with thanks darling ETC. So she doesn't seem to bothered about me flirting with her and lately she has started buying me little gifts just sweets nothing to expensive and I've returned the favour. So I know its pretty vague on here I know you would have to know us but from what I've said do you think this girl likes me.

1 Answer

  • Mike G
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    No, she doesn't.

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