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My apartment building caught on fire?

There's 5 apartments in my unit, and  i live in apt 1, the fire started in apt 4, and it damaged apt 2 and apt 3, but my apartment is in good condition. There's no signs of smoke, water, or fire damage in my home. it's just the apartments 2 and 3 that got affected by the fire, but we're still being forced to move out of our apt for a couple months. Why do we have to move if our apartment is still fine?

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    Because there is damage to the structure. Plain and simple. You can't be housed in a structure that isn't safe for habitation. 

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    Well this is not the first time I heard of an apartment building catching fire.

    The structure of the building was damaged, so if you were to live in a building that was effected by fire, and then the building all of a sudden collapses then whose fault do you think it would be if you CHOSE to stay in a building that caught on fire, and it collapsed?

    If you were to get a lawyer then maybe your lawyer can fight in court with the person who is managing your building, so you can continue to live in a dangerous environment, but keep in mind that if you die then your lawyer, and the person who manages the building WILL BLAME YOUR DEATH ON YOU!!!

    If you have any family, or friends then they won't be able to get involved if you were to die from the building collapsing. I am not saying that the building will collapse, but this is a possibility.

    What if your building caught on fire again?

    I think you should look, for a new home.

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    Looking and smelling fine doesn't mean it is fine. There could be plumbing or electrical damage. The fire wall could be damaged between your home and the others that were affected. There could be a risk of smoke damage for the rest of building, including common areas like a hallway or storage are, which would open the building owners up to liability. There could be structural damage to the building that makes it unsafe.

    Beyond damage, it's also possible that the building needs to be cleared for other reasons. Investigations may be taking place. Vendors could need to access your home to make repairs to other units that were affected. If you're not sure what's going on, you can absolutely ask your landlord/property manager for more information. If you have renter's insurance, your landlord may already be in contact with them and you can also reach out to the insurance company for assistance. But, bottom line? Most LLs/PMs WANT you back into your home, paying regular rent. They don't want to keep you out. If you're not being permitted back after a fire, there's usually a good reason. 

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    Plumbing and electric for certain can run through one apartment's walls to another.  It is very likely that, to repair the other ones, water and/or power will need to be turned off for a significant amount of time.  

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Visably your apt might 'look' alright but structure wise it might not be and the landlord may have been informed the building needs to be emptied to ensure it is safe and can then he insured again for people living there...... the only person who can answer you is your landlrd, so ask them

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    Either it's so that they can repair the building or it's because the building might collapse or it's so they can tear down the building.  One way or another, they can't just leave it the way it is.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Why not ask whoever is making you move?

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