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If I was in a police cell on Friday and charged with a court date on Monday and kept in custody until court what would happen if I ?

Refused to eat or drink during that time? Refusing water for 2 & a half days, becoming dehydrated & ill? UK, I don’t mean prison either I mean kept in a police station


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Update 2:

Um how am I wasting their time?🤣😂 baby, I don’t want to be in custody nor get arrested or stay there. You’re embarrassing yourself😂🙄

Update 3:

My care plan doesn’t say I’m attention seeking sweetie.

Update 4:


Update 5:

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Update 6:

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    1 month ago

    You're now premeditating wasting police time? That's both funny and sad Sophie. So now, because they won't detain you on a s136, you've worked out the way to spend the most time possible in police custody after intentionally getting yourself arrested. Wow, you really are starved of affection and attention if the only way you can get it is from police officers forced to sit with you in a cell for the weekend. Anyway, to answer your question, the custody nurse will check your obs and only if they're dangerously low will you be taken to A&E for treatment. So yes, you could possibly get to go to A&E to be handcuffed to a trolley yet again to be given a saline drip, but that's unlikely after only 2-3 days. That said, considering your care plan says that the police shouldn't react to your attention seeking behaviour, even if you overdose, I doubt they'd bother. No one is going to find that you lack the mentally capacity to make medical decisions so if you don't want to eat and drink and don't want medical treatment then it's perfectly legal to leave you to die, no one will take you A&E and they'll leave you to it. 

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