What classes should I take in high school , or what should I be doing during highschool to be a criminal lawyer in the future? ?

I know that if you want to be a doctor or something there’s certain classes and volunteering gigs you can take in high school that make you a more attractive candidate so what should I be doing to be a lawyer? 

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  • 1 month ago

    If you qualify, take AP Lit and AP Lang and AP government.  Get involved in the debate team. Get involved in Mock Court. Focus on academics.

    Everything is just a step. You want to get into a good university and graduate with top grades, and get a very high score on your LSAT.  To do those things you need to have a high high school GPA and a better than average ability to read, write, think logically, and craft an argument.

    If you make it through law school and pass the bar, you can apply for jobs as a public defender.  The vast majority of lawyers are not trial lawyers. The many trial lawyers are not criminal defense lawyers.  The first job is usually in a public defender's office to get some experience.  Then lawyers apply to or start their own private firms. 

  • 1 month ago

    Really nothing as nothing you do in high school is on a law school application. But you should do well to get into a decent 4 year university and any extra curricular that enhance that 

  • DON W
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    1 month ago

    To become a lawyer, you need to complete a four-year Bachelors degree (your major doesn't matter), and then spend about three years in Law School (which is a graduate program).  At this point, it doesn't really matter what courses you take, other than you do well in order to get into a good four-year school, which will help you to get into a good law school.

    But all other things being equal, some good political sciences classes will help you understand the world that lawyers work in.  Think about AP US Government if your high school offers it.

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