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How to lose weight when you're a 16 yr old with a super slow metabolism? ?

As I said, I'm a 16 yr old girl with a slow metabolism. I think for a year now, (and ever since quarantine started) I've been trying to lose weight which I've found difficult because of my metabolism... and my unhealthy relationship with food. When I turned 13 I started limiting my portions, and only eating 1 meal a day instead of 2-3. Ever since then, I've been on and off with how much food I eat, and every time I eat a normal amount of food or 2 meals a day I get fatter. I've always worked out at least 3 times a week (even more times before quarantine) for 30 minutes and I'm still fat. I also eat about 300-1,000 calories in a day which some people say is good, and some say is pretty bad. This week I ate less than I usually do, & went to bed hungry every night. It sucks.

When I was 13 and younger I was a really chubby kid, but I was at a healthy weight. My twin sister on the other hand was blessed with fast metabolism, and is underweight and skinny. 

I'm 5'4" and 133 pounds but I hate how much I weigh, and want to drop 10 or more pounds, but nothing I try works. I also think my lack of food has slowed down my metabolism drastically, despite what I eat. Even when I work out I either stay at the same weight, or gain weight. I'm not sure what to do and over time I become increasingly upset because nothing I do works. Any advice on how to speed up my metabolism?? I'm tired of having low self-confidence and I'm tired of being the bigger twin in the family. 


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    Stop the obsession and start treating yourself properly.  

    1. Please ask your parents to get you in for a physical. TALK to your doctor.  Ask about your metabolism and tell him/her about your current diet behavior. You may need counseling.  Really.

    2. Stop starving your self and eating one meal a day.

    3. Talk to your parents about adopting a very healthy lifestyle eating plan. This means eating a lot of vegetables, good quality protein, and good fats. It doesn't mean starving yourself.  It also means reducing the amount of fast food, sweets, juice, and soft drinks.

    Your value as a person is not determine by your weight.  Weight alone is not a good indicator of fitness, clothing size, intelligence, popularity, body composition, or character.  Worry less about your weight and more about health and fitness.  

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    How about when you go for your well visit that you ask your doctor?

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    You likely have normal metabolism and wouldn't know without a test probably at a hospital. Start by getting a physical exam and ask your doctor about metabolism.

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    By dieting badly while still growing and developing YOU have slowed your metabolism.

    You are currently limiting your intake to 'starvation' levels so your body is desperately trying to store every possible calorie against future famine.

    There is a reason that adults are recommended to have a check up before dieting and children (anyone under 20 is a 'child' medically) should only diet under medical supervision.

    Meantime, eat regular, nutritious meals. (Aim for about 400 calories, 3 times a day + 2 or 3 healthy snacks) and increase your exercise levels. This should help boost your metabolism.

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