What type of tsunami would a comet impose? What would it be called? (More questions in description)?

There are two types of tsunamis. A tsunami, and a mega-tsunami that one can be aware of. Due to the lack net neutrality search results keep presenting the same information thats not answering the question. 

A mega tsunami can be as tall as the statue of liberty according to some sources. Others even even taller. For example, the one caused by the asteroid that wiped out the dinasaurs, according to others.

So what kind of tsunami would a comet impose, if it hit a mass of water? What would it be labeled as? 

According to a prior source; mega-tsunami's cause huge damage locally. So how far would to wave travel after reaching some land mass?


Please cite sources by naming the articles or sites visited, no links required.

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  • JJ
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    2 months ago

    That information is classified, unfortunately.

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