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I think I have a eating disorder but my mom says I don't?

I'm 14 and I want to get tested by a professional to see if I have a eating disorder. I check my weight more than 7-8 times a day, I measure my body multiple times a day, I have a journal of weight and measurement tracking and If it's more up that day I don't eat, When I am hungry I constantly drink around 15 bottles of water a day and some tea to keep me full, I constantly compare myself to people who are skinnier than me, whenever I do eat I usually end up purging and I binge badly sometimes, I can't eat around people, I try to eat around 900 calories a day. I've been worried that it isn't normal so I brought it up to my mom so I could get help with things if I'm developing a eating disorder. She laughed and told me It's normal to be more insecure and to worry about my weight because I'm a female. She told me she'd know if I had one and that I eat normally even though afterwords when I do I end up throwing it up in the bathroom while the shower is running. Is it normal? I'm just really confused my friends told me it isn't but my mom says it is.

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    Sounds like you have some kind of issue, not sure it's an eating disorder.

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    Get an annual physical and tell this to your doctor. Treatment only helps if you want to be cured. When you do, read about eating disorders and heal yourself with a plan. Otherwise, you'll just intensify your bad behavior which, at some point, will affect your health. 

    Regardless of your mother's opinion, it's your life and your health at stake. If you doubt me, watch the biopic about Karen Carpenter. Paraphrase me not.

    Source(s): DSM V, section on eating disorders.
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    you already have one and you need help immediately

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