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Wanga Dolls (do they work or not)?

I will be honest here, I have brought 3 wanga dolls this was last year when I brought them, I haven't even tried asking them anything yet. I just like to know if they do work at all or help out a little bit. I did try and get a refund but was a bit to late sadly. I did then try and ask on how and what do I ask for to the wanga dolls but all I got told was that If I had the success one then I just have to say, I want to be successful in my life. to me that doesn't help me much or at all. Yes I would love to be successful in my life and have been trying hard to make that real with no luck really even without asking the dolls for help. still in what aspect in my life would I want to be successful in life with, the answer still hasn't helped me out one little bit. still if have to ask the wanga dolls a question or what I want, how would any of you say it. would you just say I want to be successful in life or would you give it more detail as I am just really confused about all of this. One last thing, how would I get rid of the dolls without upsetting the spirit attached to it, if there is a spirit attached.

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  • 2 months ago

    they bring financial success to their sellers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Magic does not exist.  Hope that helps.

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