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What breed of bunny? ?

I’ve had my bunny for a year and the breeder said he was a holland lop, but he kinda looks like a mini lop. Does anyone happen to know what breed? It’s kinda bothering me. I’ve been comparing pictures online but he looks like both. 

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    I have raised Mini Lops for 25 years, and what you have there is a Holland Lop. He poses himself perfectly as one too. Here in the US, Mini Lops are larger 5.0 to 6.5 pounds for show weight, and brood stock can get well over that, especially females. Holland Lops are usually 3.0 to 4.0 pounds, but pets and brood stock tend to get heavier. In Europe they call Holland Lops dwarf lops or mini lops, so that may why he looks like a Mini Lop to you, but trust me, no Mini Lop Breeder or Holland Lop breeder would mistake one for the other. His color is Tort which is the most common color for Holland Lops, and pretty rare to find in Mini Lops.

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    i would just believe the breeder, he should know

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