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Are Cros,Serbs&Balkan ppls tougher than others in their genetics as they all seem to be quite steadfast even in 2nd3rd gen in west countries?

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    Just when I think it's not possible to run across an even dumber interpretation of what genetics is.

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    racist bullcrap

    There's no such thing as "tougher in their genetics"

  • Anonymous
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    Scandinavians, some Russians, some Brits, some French, and most Germans have ancestors from the Balkans region. They are known collectively as Germanic Tribes People from the Balkans are tall, and so are Scandinavians. The reason is genetics. They share genes that make them tall. The Balkans are Europeans of course, and Europeans evolved from Central Asians who migrated to Europe 40,000 years ago. Europeans wiped out the Neanderthals within a few thousand years, mostly by throwing spears at them from a long distance. But then 24,000 years ago, the ice age reached a maximum, and many Europeans migrated back to the Middle East because thick ice sheets made much of Europe uninhabitable. After the ice age ended 13,000 years ago, many Europeans migrated back to Europe from the Middle East to take advantage of pristine, uninhabited land. Most Brits, French, Spanish, and some Germans belong to another group, the Western Europeans, who took refuge in the Caucasus region instead of the Balkans region. Europe has seen many different waves of migration from and to the east over the past 40,000 years and some reached India and even China, and some also migrated back to Africa. All non-Africans evolved from a small group of Africans who migrated out of Africa 60,000 years ago. Europeans are no exception to this. 

  • I guess you have not met any Balkan people. They are very Alpha,old school and hard working people and I'm proud to be a half Balk.

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    something wrong with your keyboard?

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