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What country should I move to?

Okay so, I'm 14 and obviously I can't move to another country right now because I have no money and my parents can't even afford a house😹 but please help me decide on which country I should move to when I have the money, here are your choices, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Columbia, or Austria? I'm kinda leaning towards Germany but idk🥺 btw I speak German, Spanish, and Italian, fluently, so language is not a problem 4 me, just pick the one that you think will be the best 4 me:)


Omg, wowww! Can you just say 1 of them? I don't need to hear all this. I get, it's not easy, I never said it was! I'm simply asking this, so simply answer it🤦‍♀️

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  • 1 month ago

    When you will have enough money .  the immigration and travelling agency will help you without asking ! :)

  • 1 month ago

    Go to Germany...

    Reasoning: You would have better economic opportunities over the other countries.

    Question: What is your education? (Or rather what is your intended career.)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Canada would be  your best option.  Since your skills can be transferable.  Other countries do things a little differently.  Plus you can learn French  at your own pace  . That's what I would do if I were you 

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    No one can just move to another country. You need to apply for a visa and have a job offer. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Given that all we know is your age; it's impossible to say. You can't base a choice on what you've provided; and in 4 years time when you're an adult, your views / preferences / requirements may have changed.

    NB if you don't have any money, moving may not be an option. Studying abroad requires proof of sufficient funds (not free for international students); working abroad requires meeting work visa requirements (generally STEM degrees + experience). 

  • MS
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    1 month ago

    We don't know you, so we have no idea what would best for you.  Be aware that it's not so easy to just up and move to another country though.

    EDIT: No, we can't just name one of them because we don't know you!  Different people would do better in different countries.  We can't name a country that might be best for some random teenager who asked a bunch of strangers online.

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