When will my period return to its original state?

I have not had a period since the 17th of june - which lasted until June the 20th. I then had my coil removed on the 28th of July. On the 30th of July there was fresh red blood throughout the day - which must've been from the removal. On the 7th of August - it was very dark blood (heavy) for about 2 hours. On August 9th - there was heavy normal blood, which I thought was a period but now today (10th of August) there's nothing.

My symptoms today - Not feeling hungry, Tried eating but it's not phasing me in the slightest. I stand up and feel dizzy. My emotions are all over the place (crying, mood swings, back pain) 

Also I been taking pregnancy tests weekly and been having sex daily - as we are trying to conceive. But tests are coming back negative.

Any advice would be great.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It can take up to three months after stopping birth control to see normal patterns in your cycle again.

    Since you are TTC, then you should continue to take pregnancy tests at least once very two weeks.

    When you stop using birth control, there is no way to know for sure when that first natural ovulation is going to happen.  You might get lucky and become pregnant on that first ovulation.  (before you even see a normal period.)

    If you are still getting a negative test right now, then your symptoms are from something else and not pregnancy hormones.  But the body can have similar reactions to other hormone imbalances, so it could just be part of your body trying to adjust back to normal hormone levels.  

    Depending on your partner's age and any health issue he might have, you may want to consider switching to having sex every other day.  A healthy man with no issues can have sex every day and maintain a healthy sperm count - but if the man has any issues with his sperm count, then every other day will give a chance for a better count to rebuild.  And since sperm can live in you for up to five days, having sex every other day should still have the same chance as having sex every day.  (you do not need to have sex on the day of ovulation - all you need is a live supply of sperm for when ovulation does happen.)

    Good luck.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    i think ur body is getting used to not having the constraceptive. the symptoms are a kind of withdrawel...... I think eventually u will get pregant :] dont worry

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