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I hate my life and I am having suicidal thoughts, help?

  My mum will never accept me or consider my feelingsshe always acts like the victim even though I am the teenager and she is the adult, she acts like a 16 year old sister who always trys to get me in trouble. I just wish she would treat me like a daughter and actually care for me. If i leave a towel on the floor, for 5 minutes, i get screamed at. But if my older brother does that, it's just " oh hes going through puberty its not his fault ". first off that is not an excuse to treat me this way and secondly hes 17 years old , he's already been through it. I am bisexual and an atheist, but my parents expect me to be a straight christian. I will never come out to them because I know they will never accept me.- I'm ugly, and i hate myself. I know this isnt a big problem but whenever i eat i feel like I'm going to get fat, so i do not eat. 1 meal a day maximum. I know this isnt healthy but I just want to get skinnier and skinnier.- I'm waiting to get diagnosed for autism, i already have anxiety and depression. My mum doesn't even put into consideration that im going through a hard time. I find it hard to get up and I find it scary talking & going outside. I find it hard to exercise too, so my parents call me lazy. I even went to therapy and before my session, my mum tried to tell her that I am the one at fault, and shes the victim. She also tells me im the reason she is depressed.

there is a lot more, but anyway, I just wish to stop feeling like **** all the time. help?

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    if shes being abusive call cps 

  • Anonymous
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    You start out with A VERY NEGATIVE STATEMENT - "My mum will ever accept me."  You've closed off every bit as much as she has.  If you get yelled out for leaving a towel on the floor, don't leave a towel on the floor.

    If you are an adult, MOVE OUT.  I have a toxic mother.  I moved out when I turned 18, and I haven't seen her in 12  years.

    You put labels on yourself - bisexual?  Atheist?  Fat?

    You go BACK into therapy.  You speak to the people who are attempting to diagnose autism.

    No one here is a licensed therapist.

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    Firstly I would ask you to try to drop some of the labels. So often we have an image of ourselves and therefore act accordingly. So try to look at yourself, how and who you want to be. Make some plans for yourself. 

    Your mother probably feels a bit badly that she has been unable to help you, but is afraid to admit it - even to herself, perhaps. Try to eat healthily. because what you eat can definitely affect how you feel. Same with taking exercise: like laughing, exercise brings up the feel good hormones called endorphins. Work with your therapist - ask if there are any support groups where  you are.

    Good Luck, Abbie!

  • 1 month ago

    No reason to kill yourself is it.  What does that do?  Just a bit more punishment for yourself, by yourself.  Accept that you are the odd one out.  You are too young to move out so just go to school, have your own friends, keep to yourself at home.  Just be quiet and don't argue with anyone.  Soon you will be old enough to have your own life and will be able to move out and leave them all behind.  Stay cool.

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