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Why are some people homeless, by Choice?

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    What is your definition of 'homeless'?  I've heard of any number of people who work but cannot afford a home to live in, and so they stay in their cars.  There are also people who live as hobos simply for the adventure.  Others are simply content with having the bare minimum in life, and still others may have undiagnosed mental illnesses.

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    A great example of this is Alexander Supertramp. I went through a phase and still think of it fondly to drop everything and go out and experience and explore everything. Nothing would hold you back, the freedom is yours, you can go train hopping and go through some of the prettiest parts of america etc etc. I probably sound crazy but for me it would be the sense of adventure. Other people have other reasons though.

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    Please ask your question in Society and Culture, this section is for advice on families and relationships. Thank you.

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    It may not be "by choice".

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    migrants you mean? umm...your asking about a different group than the people you try to kick around in the street.

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    I agree of course

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    cause they dont have to pay rent

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