F1 2020 or NASCAR Heat 5?

To me it seems like F1 games require much more skill and precision driving to advance to and stay in 1st place, the tracks have sudden zips and turns and are flat. NASCAR is more about the speed of your car, it’s much easier to drive since you only turn one direction and the track is slanted in that direction. Which is more fun? Should I get one or both? Which is more popular in real life? Formula One has a worldly following but the US to NASCAR is like soccer to the rest of the world.... thanks for answers!! 

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    f1 2020  easy   who the blazes wants to turn left all day?......besides i've checkd it out and still none of them beat the 2003 game  (that's 17 years old now btw).....also the f1 2020 game is the best yet,   this franchise is now impoving massively with each new version...

    so f1 2020   by a distance..

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