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Durable POA?

When the grantor dies who have control of estate or will?

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    POA expires on death.  If there is a will, an executor is named in it. That person files the will for probate and when they receive the authority, they begin paying all estate debt before distributing assets according to the will. When there is no will, state law dictates.

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    POA dies with the person.  The executor named in the will is who handles the estate.

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    The executor.  The POA has nothing to do with it.  It won't mean a thing once the grantor is dead.  If an executor is not appointed, no Will or Trust, then state law applies.

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    Durable POA dies with the grantor.

    Unless the individual has a trust that names a trustee, someone has to get named executor/administrator of the estate.

    Officially, no one is supposed to do anything with the estate until this occurs.

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