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Will I still need to be covered under COBRA? ?


   I just got laid-off from a full time job and had Blue Shield Coverage. I then got offered a job two weeks later from the company’s sister company. The COBRA letter is postmarked at Aug. 6th and said my Blue Shield will expire August 31st. I don’t sign papers until September 12th with my new job. Do I still need COBRA or should I rely on being covered completely for that time? Thanks! 

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    If this company is a separate company, you will need to wait the standard waiting period for your new coverage to be active.

    But that's a separate question than if you need to pay COBRA:

    - if your new coverage is effective 11/1/2020 there isn't really a need to pay for coverage (now).

    The option to buy COBRA ends the 63rd day after losing coverage.

    If you don't expect to have extensive medical bills during this 60 day period, no need to pay COBRA.

    - however, it's a good idea to let people know your plan and in the event you unexpectedly have medical bills and are not able to enroll in coverage yourself, your family/friends can make sure the bill gets paid so your coverage is active. 

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    you need to ask them this question

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