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Will the 6 pounds I gained in ONE WEEK go away?

I gained SIX POUNDS in one week! Something happened, and I’ve been “coping” by binge eating every day. I gained 6 pounds and checked my weight on two different scales. 

If I go back to my normal eating can I lose the 6 pounds in 1 week?

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    Its most likely water weight. If you went back to how you normal ate it'll probably drop in 1-2 weeks

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    Yes, you can lose the 6 lbs. It's unlikely all 6 of those pounds are fat. Go back to eating "normally" and see what happens. That's how you'll know what will happen. No one here can tell you that you'll drop any pounds. If your previous eating was maintaining your weight, then chances are, if you gained any fat from your 1 week binge, returning to your regular eating won't trigger fat loss (or at least not much). 


    You could try decreasing your calories and increasing your exercise for a few weeks, until you return to your goal weight. A lot of what you gained is likely water weight, so it's likely you only have a few pounds to lose (maybe only a couple). Consider that you need a 3500 calorie excess to gain a pound of fat (in theory) so that would mean you were consuming 3000 + your normal # of maintenance calories EVERY DAY in order to gain 6 lbs of fat in a week. It's not impossible to do, but it's just not real likely (nor that you'd immediately see that much weight gain right away).

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    It's always harder to lose weight than to gain weight.    

    That's why it takes extraordinary efforts to lose.    

    Intermittent fasting (Dr. Berg) is a good way to lose weight.     

    Reduce the number of meals and increase the time between them.     

    Eat healthy and stay focussed on your goal and dream weight life.

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    Best make sure it's not water weight first. It's not fat unless you ate 21,000 more calories on top of your normal daily intake. I understand how you feel though, I step on my scale and it goes up and down all the time, and it can be very misleading.

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    you might lose it but it might take longer than a wk

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