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Starting a life style change for weight loss but need some advice. Can I get some help please ??

I am trying to eat less but problem is at Carl's Jr if I order a combo meal I can get water in the cup instead of soda.  I can have them lettuce wraps the burger but the problem is they have fried zucchini, french fries or onion rings.  I am missing the carbs if I eliminate the zucchini, fries and onion rings.  I have just the burger alone and water.  I am not satisfied and still feel hungry or I get hungry a lot quicker now.  What can I do to replace the missing carbs.


Yes I know to quit eating fast food and read meat which I will get there but in the mean time.  I would appreciate any help.

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    Drink more water -- or iced tea and get a side salad. OR pack your own cut up veggies rather than anything fried.

    You are used to several things including overeating and eating a lot of carbs. It isn't going to feel the same to learn to eat the right amount of food.

    The best thing you can do is eat 6-8 cups of vegetables a day.  This can be celery sticks, mixed salad, chopped cabbage, or sliced or diced peppers, cucumber, broccoli, zucchini, etc.  if you also drink 10+ cups of water, your stomach will be full and you'll be getting a lot more nutrients.  

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    My recommendation would be to either find some other restaurant where you have more choices, BUT the fact is that protein, healthy fats, and fiber are things that help you feel full longer. It's carbs, especially simple carbs, that the body processes faster and thus leaves you feeling hungry again sooner. If you just want more quantity of food, get a side salad in addition to your lettuce wrap OR a chicken salad and skip the bunless burger completely.


    You might also consider carrying fruit with you. An apple or orange would help satisfy your hunger, be low calorie and high fiber, and would provide some nutrition. 

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