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Is there a way to make a forms for each selected cell in excel?

I have cells A:2 through Q:17 that all need separate forms. The cells have the title for the form the rest of the form can be left blanked and inspected individually. Thank you for the help.


I'm somewhat newer to excel I've only taken one partial course in college.

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    I would infer that you have a list of 'titles' (names?) in A2:Q17 and you wish to create (add) a new worksheet named for each title on the list. It would also seem that you would not want to simply duplicate the sheet with the titles, based on having the list in that sheet.

    If this is what you wish to do, it could be done easily with a VBA macro or event handler. Advise if this is what you wish to do.

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    I'm not sure we are using the same terms.  What do you mean by "FORM" for each cell?  To me a form is like a regulated sheet of information that is filled out by the user.  You can create a form in excel, using the spreadsheet to identify which cells will hold the information you want entered into the form and which cells would not...  so, now tell us how each cell needs its own form? 

    OR better yet, tell us what you  want to create. 

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