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How did this woman survive water-fasting for 120 days?1?

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    I don't choose to provide that video another 'hit' for no reason, but if she started out as morbidly obese, then it may well be possible for a person's body to have enough stored "fuel" to sustain them for a prolonged period. See the source link for some info on that.

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    I don't click on links, so I haven't seen the story. But c'mon-- YouTube? You don't actually think that's genuine, do you? The average length of time a person can survive without food is 60 days. In 1981, several IRA prisoners went on a hunger strike. Bobby Sands lasted 66 days while one of his companions died after 72 days. There's a historical record of a man in India lasting 97 days, but it's not thoroughly verified. My guess is the story you're referring to is fake.

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