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Am I just spoilt? Has anyone faced something like that and has advice on what to do? I hate my dad so much but feel guilty for hating him?

My dad's always been a workaholic and short-tempered, but still a father figure. We had a normal dad-daughter relationship up till 3 years ago, when I applied to college for Film. He was really annoyed, because he thought that it was a waste of money and that I should've gone for something more financially stable like Law or Finance. We argued a lot during the college application process, him constantly putting me down ("oh, but you've never touched a camera in your life", "what do you know", "do you even watch films"). It's true my passion for film wasn't always obvious. However, I'd been interested in Theatre and decided that Film was a career I wanted to try out. I studied 1.5 years of Film & enjoyed it - I did everything I could to excel in this industry - internships, student film sets, everything. I have made short films. I play around on Premiere Pro in my free time. My dad still refuses so acknowledge my passion for film and thinks it's "useless", despite being a banker and knowing NOTHING (keeps saying he does, when he doesn't even have a single friend in the industry.). He assumes that I've done nothing during college, not knowing anything about the films I've made. With all his sarcastic remarks getting to me, I finally dropped out of Film and am now studying Medicine, which I HATE. Ever since then, I've not had a normal conversation with my father. He brings up Film from time to time and it gets on my nerves so much. It always ends in a heated argument.

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    Do you still live with your father? Do you have a job? 

    I went through the same thing except with my mother. 

    He sounds like a bad father. 

    I suggest you do not hive up on your film ambitions. Play along and assure him it's just a hobby on the side and you realize it's not a guarantee in life. What do you do for work and money? Its such people like us never had truly supporting patents. To this day I do not get along and I hold a grudge because I wasted my youth. I guess take what you have learned about medical and move on. For a job you will need some kind of trade. 

    The fact that you said you already had internships and short films made is remarkable. I got discouraged and never got that far. My aunt too does not believe in me. 

    Just persue your dreams. 

    I would like to see your short films. 

    Is premiere a good software? What kind of camera did you use? 

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